How do we teach Maths at Abbeyfield?


We believe that everyone can learn maths to the highest levels. We focus on work, effort, struggle and persistence. We realise that hard work is the key to success.

At Abbeyfield we understand that mistakes are valuable and that questions are really important in maths. We know that maths is about reasoning, spotting patterns and making sense of problems.

We believe maths is about connections and communication. We focus on the vocabulary of maths in every lesson. We believe that depth is much more important than speed and that above all, our maths lessons are about learning not performing.



We follow the White Rose Maths scheme, which provides a structured and well-balanced approach to the teaching of mathematics from Early Years to Year 6. Lessons are designed to be accessible, engaging, and build upon prior knowledge to promote a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. White Rose is a spiral curriculum, which benefits the children’s long term memory by recapping lessons from the previous year before continuing with a mathematical concept.

We embrace the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach recommended by White Rose Maths, ensuring that children progress from manipulating concrete objects to using pictorial representations and eventually to abstract mathematical symbols. This approach supports a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and facilitates a smooth transition between different stages of learning.

Our curriculum is organized into small, manageable steps, allowing pupils to master each concept before moving on to the next. This ensures a secure foundation for future learning.

Long Term Plans

We have broken up our maths curriculum into a detailed long-term plan. This includes the relevant material from the White Rose Maths scheme of learning alongside the DfE ready to progress materials.


Children are leaving Abbeyfield with a positive attitude towards maths. We’ve seen a real improvement in the problem solving and resilience of our children.

At Abbeyfield we ensure that maths is fun!