SEND & Local Offer

Abbeyfield Primary Academy is an inclusive mainstream school where we are committed to providing access to the curriculum and a full school life for all our children.

We believe that children are entitled to an education that enables them to achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and to make a successful transition into adulthood whether in employment or further education.

We encourage all our pupils to aim high and achieve to the best of their ability. As teachers, we work hard to support all the children in our school to be the best they can – including all the children with special educational needs or disabilities.

To accomplish these aims, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum with high quality teaching. We provide effective support for children with special educational needs and disabilities, starting from our first contact with parents and carers when a child enters our school. We make sure that additional needs are identified early and we offer a range of provision according to identified needs.

Our SENDCOs are

Sabrina Girard


Ross Cooper.

You can contact them at school:

Abbeyfield Burrow

Our Abbeyfield Burrow provides bespoke provision for pupils with high levels of SEND.  Pupils receive a high adult to pupil ratio, providing a targetted approach to meeting a pupils specific needs as well as regular opportunities to integrate into class as appropriate.

Our specialist team includes: SENDCOs, class teachers, senior leaders, Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants and therapy rabbits.

Intensive Language Aquisition

Our Sienna Intervention meets the needs of pupils new to English; providing intensive language teaching to support pupils to communicate.  Pupils’ time is split between Sienna group and their home class to enable pupils to receivev targetted language teaching as well as hearing fluent English modelled by peers.

With more than 36 languages spoken by our pupils.  Language development plays a key role in our curriculum; from early aquisition to full fluency.

Speech & Language Therapy

The Speech & Language Therapy Team in Sheffield have been creating videos for parents/carers with ideas for supporting communication and interaction at home. There are a wide range of strategies covered, for a range of communication needs. There are over 30 videos, including strategies to promote early communication and interaction for children who are pre-verbal, using ‘first…then…’, emotion coaching, speech sound awareness, using language in daily routines and play activities and lots more! These videos have been released weekly on Trust social media titled ‘Weekend Words’. Click on the button below to get the full YouTube playlist.