Our Vision for Attendance and Punctuality

Good Attendance

Good attendance and punctuality has a positive effect on a child’s self-esteem, behaviour and their overall achievement. It is vital that children attend school regularly if they are to reach their full potential.

We have high aspirations for our pupils and we aim to help them be ambitious for their future.  Regualr and consistent attendance at school maximises opportunities for pupils to grow and learn and nurtures their development. 

We would like to thank our families for supporting us with this and are looking forward to a successful year.

Sam Hobson
Attendance Lead

Molly Eedle
Family Engagement

Ofsetd 2019

“Leaders work relentlessly to improve rates of pupils’ attendance.”

Supporting Good Attendance and Punctuality

How we help promote Good Attendance

Abbeyfield Primary Academy has five steps to support and challenge families whose pupils have poor attendance.  These steps are in place to support families and promote good attendance at school.

Your child’s attendance is important to us because every missed day is a missed opportunity for learning as well as social and emotional development.  

We aim to work with you as a family to overcome the barriers to good attendance and make a lasting change.

Every learning minute counts 

You might not feel it’s relevant now, but it will be in the future 

There is always a positive somewhere in the day 

Every child has the right to experience everything at school 

Every child has the right to experience a full education


How we help promote Punctuality

Being part of the morning routine in class supports children to settle into school well.  Abbeyfield Primary Academy actively promotes punctuality in the mornings. We support and challenge families whose pupils are regularly late by having conversations with the adults at home.  It is the adults’ responsibility to ensure that pupils arrive on time. 

We run a breakfast club every morning so pupils can arrive early and be ready for learning by 8.30.  To find more about breakfast club click here.

In order to encourage and recognise consistent and improved attendance and punctuality we have given every KS1 child an “Attendance Passport”. Every time your child is on time to school they will receive a star in their passport. 5 stars = a small prize to take home. Every child will have a chance to earn enough stars to win a prize.  

Other support is available for families if needed.  To discuss this further get in touch with our attendance leads.

Stage One

Universal support

Stage Two

Initial Target support

Stage Three

Enhanced Targeted Support

Stage Four

Intensive Support for Persistent Absentees

Stage Five

Use of Parental Responsibility Measures