School uniform


The intentions of the school uniform are to give all children a sense of ‘belonging’ to Abbeyfield Primary Academy. As part of a sustainability charter, we have a second-hand uniform shop in the community hub. If you would like to donate or take second-hand uniform, please contact the school office.

School uniform can be ordered online at Jonny D Schoolwear, click on the link below:

The School Policy is that all children should wear school uniform. The uniform consists of:

  • Sweatshirt/cardigan with a branded school badge (available from here). A branded item is required this is available from Johnny Ds or you can look for a second-hand jumper from the community hub.
  • White shirt either long sleeve or short sleeve.
  • Black trousers/leggings (winter) or black unbranded shorts when the weather is warm (summer)
  • Black skirt or black pinafore dress
  • Red & white checked dress (optional)
  • As well as the above items, children are expected to wear strong sensible black footwear that covers toes and heels.
  • All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner’s name
  • Hijabs must be elasticated and can be plain black or plain white
  • Black long sleeved tops can be worn under dresses, for those who wish to cover their arms

The School Policy is that all children should wear PE Kit on PE days. The PE kit consists of:

  • Unbranded PE kit consisting of a white polo shirt & navy blue shorts or navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Children should wear their school jumper on top of their PE kit on PE days
  • No jewellery except stud earrings may be worn in school, which must be removed by children for all physical activities or if they cannot be removed then the child will have to temporarily miss the activity.