Vision and Values

  • To recognise and celebrate diversity
  • To inspire a love of learning and to have fun
  • To provide a relevant, innovative curriculum for all children
  • Nurture children’s confidence and creativity
  • For children to value others and themselves
  • To foster a sense of belonging to a global community
  • To create and develop sustainable links between the school and community
  • For children to operate as independent learners and thinkers

At Abbeyfield we learn to respect each other and to live peacefully.

The Rights Respecting School Council have written a school charter which is based upon the 42 rights of children as set out by UNICEF. They have worked hard to make sure that they reflect our school.

Our Rights Our Responsibilities
We have the right to learn
  • We take pride in our work and always do our best
  • We don’t distract other people from their learning
  • We get ready to learn as quickly as we can
We have the right to feel safe
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • We don’t deliberately say things to hurt other people’s feelings
  • We play fair and we accept that we can’t always win
We have the right to have our voice heard
  • We listen to other people with respect
  • We put our hands up to give everyone chance to speak
  • We don’t laugh at other people’s ideas or mistakes
We have the right to a clean and safe environment
  • We respect everyone’s private space – including their tray and their own things
  • We take care of school property
  • We all help to keep our school tidy and rubbish free
We have the right to be ourselves, with our own friends, beliefs and opinions
  • We respect other people’s families
  • We respect other people’s friendship choices
  • We don’t get angry when other people have different beliefs and opinions