It was Friday the 16th of September and Year 6 went on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We were all excited and talked about it the whole way!

Yorkshire Wildlife Class

Finally we arrived.

When we got there, it was raining. We waited patiently until 10 O’clock for the park to open. It was still raining, but it calmed down a little shortly after. We walked a very long way in the morning to try and see all the different wildlife.

The animals!

At last we saw the animals-running and jumping around! The first animal we saw was the Giraffes. We were so lucky to see them at that time because it was time for them to eat. As soon as they saw the food, they ran as quick as their legs could carry them! Next we saw the tiger. There were two; one was on a climbing frame and the other was having a morning walk and scared everyone!

Lunch time.

It was finally lunch time! Everybody was starving and we ate in a tent. Other schools were there because the education was excellent. I sat with my friends and we talked about the leaping lemurs in the woodland.


In the afternoon, we went to the South American Viva. Then we took a trail through the Woodlands. We saw all the other animals including the Polar Bear. My favourite animal was the squirrel monkey. We saw it when we did a walk through the Viva as a class. Finally, at 3pm the coach drove us all back to school. Everyone was so tired, but it was a brilliant first trip – thank you to all the adults who helped us!

School Work

After our visit, we used the trip as a stimulus for our own non-chronological report writing. This trip made it easy for us to write about our favourite animals; mine was the squirrel monkey.

– Sabbah  Yr 6 Jet