On the 25th September Year 6 went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their topic. They had a wonderful time and the sun shone. Two children have written about the trip.

Earlier this term, we went to YWP for our topic and writing lesson. When we arrived, I was amazed to see a lot of wild animals. My favourite animal at the YWP was the tiger because I learnt lots of interesting facts about it. As soon as I saw it, I was gobsmacked by the size of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear it roar but we were lucky to see it up close.

After a quick snack, we visited other animal enclosures such as the lemur woods-they were very active and showed off to the visitors. It was a fantastic day for Year 6 and I would definitely like to go again!

Written by Rehan

As a part of our topic, we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I was excited for the trip because the last time I visited, I was in Year 2 and this time, there would be lots of new animals that I hadn’t seen before.

The animal I was eager to see were the lions; however, all they did was sleep. Luckily for us, the weather was beautiful as we walked around the park. My favourite animal was the rhino because it was huge and I never expected to see it. The giraffes were also a pleasure to watch as they munched their food from the tall trees.

Overall, I would recommend this trip as I learnt new things about the amazing animals.

Written by Salma