On Wednesday 6th February, we went to the Climbing Works to take part in a bouldering activity. My favourite part of the trip was when we had to hold onto just one of the rocks with both of our hands! This was very challenging. If we could do this, we would gain bonus points. I managed to do it on my second attempt. There was also a range of different activities – it was a really great afternoon. (MW, Jet)

Earlier this week, we had the chance to go to the Climbing Works to take part in some bouldering activities. I really enjoyed stage 4, where we had to try extremely hard to reach the top. It was really challenging. (UZ, Amber)

Some of the Year 6 children were chosen to go to the Climbing Works this week to take part in some rock climbing. It was really fun because we got to try out all the different climbing walls. When we were taking part the teachers and instructors were there helping and supporting us – they were really kind. (AK, Amber)

Bouldering 1

Bouldering 2