On Friday the 5th of May Sapphire and Diamond class had a very exciting visitor! A very interesting Mr Roots joined Year 5 for the day along with his animal friends. The children were very eager to start the day and started by answering lots of questions on their chosen animal. Raring to go the children were given the chance to hold the animals that Mr Roots had brought with him that day. Both classes were able to hold or touch a bearded dragon, a corn snake, a king python, a tarantula, a giant snail, a rabbit, stick insects, locusts and a gecko! For many of the children it was their first experience of seeing or handling these animals and many children were very brave and challenged themselves. Mr Roots had a vast amount of interesting facts (some even the teachers didn’t know!) After all of the excitement of meeting the animals Year 5 took part in a walking activity that taught the children how different animals use their legs to walk. The children learnt about the walking pattern of a spider and a centipede. Meet the creature was a fantastic experience for everyone lucky enough to be involved and I’m sure it is something that won’t be forgotten for years to come!

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