The Y4s are thoroughly enjoying their topic this term. We are learning all about the Ancient Greeks! We have been learning all about the Greek gods and goddesses, famous cities, soldiers and art. The children have even been involved with roleplay and made some superb musical instruments called an aulos.

We have just come back from a fantastic trip to Weston Park museum which was a great experience and one the children thoroughly enjoyed; discovering a whole lot more about this amazing, great civilisation. Ask your children what they think of the Ancient Greeks!

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This trip was an amazing day. The children enjoyed it so much and the weather was great. We even sat outside and ate our lunch together in the sun! We travelled by bus, we had to get two buses there and two buses back. The children were assets to the school. They showed superb manners and respect as we travelled with members of the public to Weston Park. We even got some positive praise from members of the public. One lady who sat chatting to one of the children in Ruby Class said ‘what lovely manners these children have’. The children were keen and proud to tell people they were from Abbeyfield as they were setting a brilliant example. Another member of the public also commented on the children’s behaviour saying ‘Wow, look how peacefully and quiet the children are sitting. You must be proud to have such a lovely class!’ This comment was made on the journey home when both staff and teachers were very tired!

We also had some lovely parent volunteers who joined us on the trip. Big thank you to those!