On Wednesday 18th January, Y6 went on a trip to Eden Camp to learn about World War I and World War II.

After a two hour journey, we visited different huts which had lots of information. Although the weather was chilly and quite damp, we didn’t mind because we were having so much fun experiencing how people lived through the war. After visiting a few huts, we were invited to watch a musical show in Hut 6. There were puppets singing and the audience joined in too.

They threw water on us with a water gun at first and kept on asking if we were wet enough. We said we weren’t and suddenly, they threw a bucket of water! Unfortunately, the children sat at the front were soaked! I was glad that I wasn’t sitting there because I would have got really wet.Y6 Eden Camp Hut

My favourite hut was Hut 5 because it felt as though we were experiencing “The Blitz”. As we went in we could hear: women and children screaming; the air raid siren going off; fire burning and the sound of houses being destroyed. It was a dark hut filled with smoke; I thought it was upsetting that people went through this.

Even though some of the huts smelled so awful, it was a very enjoyable day and I would love to come again.


By Aleena Mohmood Y6