Y6 Headingly Trip

On Wednesday 17th October, we were invited to Headingly Cricket Ground in Leeds. After a long journey, we finally arrived. The cricket ground looked huge and it was bigger than I imagined. My favourite part of the day was when we participated in a game of cricket.

When the coach, Pete, bowled the ball, I managed to bat it really far- no-one could catch it. Pete even showed us a ‘secret’ room where the important visitors could watch the cricket game from. He told us that they could get massages and food while the watched the game.

Overall, I had a fantastic day and would definitely go again!

Richelle – Y6 Jet


On the last week of term, we visited Headingly in Leeds. When we arrived, we were introduced to Pete who told us that he would be teaching us about cricket.

First, we practiced catching and throwing exercises which followed onto a game of cricket. We were split into teams- even the teachers took part. Our team had to field first- we thought we did very well. My favourite part of the day was when we took a tour of the stadium.

Yousef – Y6 Jet


I had an amazing experience at Headingly. We got an opportunity to play cricket and we were given a special tour around the stadium- we even visited the VIP box room which was really high up! I thought the stadium would be slightly bigger. When we played cricket, I was given the chance to bowl Mr Scott and Mr Birks- I bowled Mr Scott out but Mr Birks was really difficult!

I would definitely want to go again but this time, I would love to watch a cricket match.

Mikayel – Y6 Amber


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