Our topic this half term is World War II. We will explore the events and impact of World War II during topic sessions as well as through our work in Literacy. Some of the areas we will look at are: the outbreak of the War; life as an evacuee; what it was like to live through World War II as a child and wartime propaganda.

In Literacy, we will first be continuing our disasters theme by writing newspaper reports about the Pompeii disaster. We will then be using inspiration from our trip to Eden Camp to write stories and then diaries about World War II. Finally, we will use our research from last term to write exciting survival stories based on the jungle.

In Science, our topic will be Light—including sources of light, reflection, how light travels and refraction.

In Reading Club, we are reading Put Out the Light by Terry Deary, which is linked to our World War 2 topic and is set partly in Sheffield!

Homework will be set on Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

The following clubs will be available this half term:

– Reading booster on Tuesday
– Maths booster on Thursday
– An extra spelling booster on Wednesday – you will receive a letter if your child is invited to attend this club.
– There will also be some booster clubs at lunchtimes

Amber class have PE on Tuesday afternoon. They must bring their kit to change into for every lesson.
Amber will be going on two trips in January – Eden Camp on the 18th January and Crucial Crew on the 20th January.

We will then have our Prefect Reward Trip just before Easter