On Friday 4th November the Year 3 classes had a visit from Jenny and the History Van. Jenny is an expert on life in the Stone Age, and she helped us find out about what life was like thousands of years ago.

First, she showed us how people worked as miners. She showed us how they used to attach a candle to their hat so that they could see underground where it was dark because they didn’t have torches at that time.

We looked at some real bones from the Stone Age and matched them to the animal’s skeleton. We learned how to make spears to help the hunters catch animals. We found out that every part of the animal was meant to be use d. The children had a go at stretching out the insides of the animals and some of us worked on getting the fur ready to use.

In class we were able to create our own Stone Age jewellery. Stone Age jewellery would have been made from stones, shells and bones. We also created our own cave paint by crushing chalk and combining it with water. After we created the paint we had a go at painting with it!

In the afternoon, we all listened to Jenny tell us more about the Stone Age people. First we all had to look like Stone Age people so we wore a headband on our heads.

We then learnt how Stone Age people became farmers. The children found out how they had to milk goats for milk. The Stone Age people began to use crops. We had to break the grains using stones to turn the grains into something we could eat. Stone Age people needed to be able to carry water, so we had a go at carrying water in a sachet made from animal skin

The Stone Age people used the fur of animals to wear for clothing. Jenny sewed the clothing together for us to try on real animal fur. We took turns posing for photos and doing a fashion show.

Our day ended with a traditional ‘Stone Circle’ in the KS2 Hall. Children were able to wear their finished Stone Age jewellery talk about what we had found out. A big thank you to all the Year 3 children  for being on their best behaviour!