The Year Two children in Peridot and Tanzanite recently had a great day out at Christ Church C of E Church on Pitsmoor Road. We walked to the Church on a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon.

There, we met Frances, wife to the vicar, and her friends, who taught us all about the history of the church and the significance of some of its features. We all got to hear a tune on the organ and learn about the lives of some of the local people who gave their services to the war.

The children also got to learn about some of the symbolic behaviour important to Christians such as, for example, bowing before the altar, making the sign of the cross and marking a baby’s forehead with water in the shape of the cross at baptism.

Amongst other things, children got to see and learn about Church artefacts and furniture such as the altar, Bible, lectern, organ and stained glassed window.

Thank you to all our parent helpers who offered their time on this day.