On Tuesday the 20th of June, Sapphire and Diamond class traveled back in time with a very exciting Victorian visitor! Joining the Year 5 classes for the day our visitor brought in some interesting artifacts. The children were very excited to find out some fascinating facts about the Victorian days. Eager to get involved the children were given the chance to hold the ancient artifacts from the Victorian times and learn some great facts about each item. Both classes were able to hold and touch the items, some children even got to dress up just like a Victorian! Our visitor had numerous amounts of fun and mind blowing facts which even surprised the teachers. After a great workshop Year 5 took to the classroom to work on some exciting comprehension work and then created some beautiful Victorian medals. The day still wasn’t done! After lunch the Y5’s had one more workshop. The workshop involved writing poems, looking at more interesting artifacts and even showing off some great acting skills. The Y5’s had a good overall experience, Niyaab Shah a pupil from Y5 said “the workshops were interesting because it gave me some interesting facts on the Victorians lifestyle and it will help me when I do my writing.”

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