Dear Parents and Carers

The second set of Personal Mentoring meetings this year will be held on 7th February 2020.  Each child will have an approximately 10-15 minute meeting with their class teachers and you are invited to join the meeting to share in this information.

As you will already be aware, school is closed on this date for an INSET day to enable these meetings to take place. You will need to come to school with your child to attend the meeting.  

It is very important that you attend one of these meetings with your child.

Please fill in the form below stating your preferences for a time to come to school for this meeting and return it to the office or your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Please give as many preferences as possible.

Some teachers are able to offer earlier slots (e.g. from 8:00am) or later slots (from 4:30). If you would like an earlier or a later slot on that day, please contact your child’s teacher.

You need to complete a separate form for each of your children. If your child has brothers or sisters in other classes, please write their names on the form to help us schedule appointments so they are convenient for you.

You will receive a confirmation slip with the time of your child’s appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Best



Spring Personal Mentoring Letter to parents