School Council

Our School Council meet regularly with Mrs Abell/Mrs Sampson to discuss issues in school. We report back to our classes and find out what everybody wants to do to improve our school. We also help plan events and activities for the rest of the school to enjoy. We are elected at the beginning of every year.

How we are Chosen

Councillors are elected once a year.  Anyone who wants to stand as a councillor writes a speech at home. It has to be persuasive and say why we could be a good class representative. Qualities of a good school councillor include being a good listener, being confident, having a loud voice and being able to take on board other children’s ideas. We present our speeches to our classes.  Then all the pupils have a secret ballot and the children who receive the largest number of votes for each position are chosen.

Minutes of our Meetings

Have a read of our minutes – we publish them here on the website – to find out what we have been working on.