School Council Minutes

5th October 2017

Present: A J (Topaz)

S A (Amethyst)

K I (Quartz)

A I (Jet)

I A (Onyx)




A A (Garnet)

Z I (Emerald)


N S (Amber)

Mrs Abell

1)   First, School Council discussed positives at Abbeyfield this year so far. Actions
  School Council said that children really like using dojos. None
  Children like Tea with Mrs Best because it is a good way to reward children who are making good choices. None
  School Council felt that behaviour in class is usually good this year and there is not much bullying None
  Children in KS2 are happy that the toilets are separate boys/girls again. None
2)   Next, School Council discussed worries at Abbeyfield this year so far. Actions
  School Council said that the toilets in KS2 smell. Also, some children are not respecting the toilets – they are throwing toilet paper, trying to block toilets and peeing on the floor. School Council think we need to have Keep Our Toilets Clean campaign.  We discussed why we cannot have cameras monitoring the toilets.  School Council would like to suggest that an adult supervises the toilet at breaktime. They also think we should discuss this in assembly.


School Councillors are going to make posters to encourage children to keep the toilets tidy. They will bring them to the next meeting so we can pick the most effective ones to be put up in the toilets.

Mrs Abell will ask teachers to talk to KS2 and KS1 during Friday assembly about toilets.

Mrs Abell will ask teachers whether we could have adults supervising the toilets at breaktimes.

  KS2 school councillors suggested that we should have medium sized football nets in the playground (not too big so that scoring is too easy: not too small or scoring is impossible)

They think that this would stop cheating and some of the arguments about football.

Niyaab is going to find out what size nets would be best.

At the next School Council meeting, we will talk about how we can raise the money

  School Councillors reported that children really want more sports clubs at lunchtimes and after school. Children think that having clubs would give children things to do at lunchtime, without getting into trouble. They also think it would help us become a healthier school. Mrs Abell is going to talk to Mrs Best about whether there might be anyone who could run sports clubs.
  Year 6 would like to use handwriting pens all the time. Other year groups would like to use them in Polished Pieces books. Mrs Abell will take this suggestion to the school Leadership Meeting on Monday.
  School Council reported that children would like to be able to earn reward time for good behaviour. They think that this would help children make the right choices. They also said that children who got reward time would know they had done a good job and would keep on going. They think that reward time would benefit learning because children would try harder. Mrs Abell will take this suggestion to the School Leadership Meeting on Monday and then it can be discussed further at another School Council meeting.
  School Council though there should be more times when teachers could talk to parents about their children’s behaviour School Council will discuss this further at another meeting
3)  Finally, School Council discussed Anti-Bullying Week. Actions
  Anti-bullying Week is from Monday 13th – Friday 17th November 2017

School Council would like to have an extra non-uniform day, where everyone dresses in the same colours (or as much as they can). There were three colour suggestions:

Dress in black and white – “Anti-bullying – it’s black and white”

Dress in blue – “Go blue for anti-bullying” (this is the official anti-bullying colour.

Dress in green 

Children suggested that the money should be given to a charity that helps children who have been bullied.

All School Councillors are going to ask their classes to vote on which colour they would like us to wear on anti-bullying non-uniform day, and send the results to Mrs Abell, who will total up all the votes.
  School Council are going to organise an anti-bullying poster competition. Children in any class can to create an anti-bullying poster by 27th October, which they can give to their teacher.

School Council will then pick the winners (from KS1 and KS2) the week after half term. The winners will receive prizes and their posters will be used on the website and put up around school.

School Councillors will tell their classes about the competition and remind them to create a poster.

School Council will judge the competition and announce the winners in assembly.

  School Councillors thought there should be a visitor in Anti-Bullying week for a special assembly. They would like someone who has been bullied in the past who could give advice. School Councillors will think of ideas about where to find someone and Mrs Abell will talk to teachers for any possibilities