School Council Minutes

15th December 2017

Present: AJ (Topaz)

SA (Amethyst)

KI (Quartz)

AI (Jet)

The Onyx School Councillor was absent

RA (Peridot)

IA (Tanzanite)

Mrs Abell


AA (Garnet)

ZI (Emerald)

RS (Ruby)


CK (Amber)


1)     First, some School Council members discussed positives that they had collected when they ran a Class Assembly in their own class.
 dictionaires Year 6: new dictionaries, blue barriers outside, working whiteboard pens, higher fence, blue folders in class, reward trips and golden tickets, new furniture in class, tasty food in the dinner hall, having separate yard areas, Christmas post box, feeling safer on the yard
  Year 5: playing outside, doing fun things in class, good food in the dinner hall, Easter and Summer Fairs
  Year 4: kind, loving teachers, dojo points, Music, boosters, Arts Award, Star and Learner certificates, Christmas carols, using the springboard in PE, the banner on the mobile, having higher fences, enough time for Art and PE, new toilet system now working well
  Year 2: the obstacle course outside, adventure stories in Literacy, making fun things like lighthouses
 thank you From the positives above, School Council would like to thank

Ms Andrews for organising the Arts award

Ms Stansfield for creating the Christmas Postbox

Mr Gul for running the Easter and Summer Fairs

2)     Next, some School Council members discussed issues that they had collected from their classes.
 football Playground equipment:

All KS2 year groups asked that the equipment could be brought out every breaktime

KS1 children would like more things to play on at lunchtime

Children in KS2 asked whether there could be more equipment in the bottom yard at lunchtime

Children in KS2 would like the school to consider buying football nets for the KS2 playground

Children would also like basketball nets in the playground

All children would like more balls of all types at breaks and lunchtimes, including class balls


 water fountain Food and drink

All year groups asked whether there could be a water fountain outside in the playground

Children would like to be able to drink sugar free juice in school

Some children asked whether the children could have some input into school lunch menus


 chill Chill out space

Children in KS2 would like there to be more “chill out” space at breaks and lunchtimes. Some children would like the option to stay indoors and read or colour; other children would like a quiet space outside where they could sit and chat or maybe read

 books Class equipment

Some children said that they would really like more books in book corners

There are lots of problems with laptops not working at the moment


 tea Other worries/problems

Several classes asked whether tea party could happen more consistently

One class suggested that girls and boys should get changed separately, in the same way that Years 5 and 6 do.

The children in Year 1 and 3, who hadn’t had a chance to discuss ideas with their classes in a Class Assembly, were asked which of the ideas they had heard they thought would be most important. They said new balls for playtimes and separate boys and girls changing.
3)    Finally, School Council discussed Attendance prizes as this was raised by last year’s School Council.


Children felt that the current system of a draw in assembly was fair, but they suggested that the prize should be split so that each class could have one (so two £5 vouchers, rather than one £10 one).


They felt that it isn’t fair for children who have medical conditions and e.g. have to go to hospital , as they can never have a chance to win the prize. They suggested that for children who have to miss school because of a serious medical condition, this shouldn’t be counted 

 pizza School council also said that they really like the trip to Pizza Hut. Some of the children who had never been to Pizza Hut said that they did feel a bit left out but they understood why. However, School Council suggested that if there is a child who has almost 100% attendance for the whole year, with just one or two days off because they were ill, they should either still be allowed to go or get a different little prize (such as chocolate). One child explained that she had nearly made it one year, but then she got a bug, missed one day and was very upset because she lost out on the trip.