School Council Minutes

19th January 2019

Present: Mrs Abell, NN, GD, AK, EY, SA, HK, BN, IK, ZA, ABA, AAH
1)     Playground Fundraising Day Actions
 playground MA (Diamond) joined the meeting to talk about his idea for Playground Fundraising Day. This is to raise money towards resurfacing and remarking the playgrounds.

Mohammed’s ideas include a teacher baby photo competition; a non-uniform day; a cake sale and possibly a sweets in the jar competition.

School Council really like the idea and will help with the cake sale. They suggest that we should have a football pitch marking on the pitch; a basketball pitch; a 100 square; a chess square and hopscotch

MA will create posters to put up and ask teachers to volunteer for the competition.

Mrs Abell will organise a flyer about the cake sale and non-uniform day

2)     Stars and Wishes  
 library Classes have talked about the following positives: less fighting at football; new playground equipment; After School Clubs; Mike Warren Assemblies

Wishes from classes: a door for the room where the toilet cubicles are; a quiet area on the playground; more soap in the toilets; the boy’s toilet smells; a library. Y6 also wanted to go back to sitting separately from KS1 in the dining hall – there isn’t always room for them to sit with their friends and the KS1 children throw food. We talked about perhaps allowing Y6 children who were willing to sit with KS1 and help them develop good manners to go to the front of the line.

3)     Learning to Learn  
 Learnig to learn Mrs Abell asked School Council to think about ways to help us at Abbeyfield understand more about the way we learn and how to be a better learner. She explained that lots of scientist have done research which shows that children who understand how to become a good learner are more successful in their learning.

She brought a sheet which would help children understand how to approach each stage of a task – how to get started, how to challenge themselves etc.

School Council thought that talking to children about how to be a good learner and all the different things you need to do (listen, not give up etc) would work better. Mrs Abell said other school have done this with animals and School Council really liked that idea. They came up with a list of good learner attitudes with possible animals.

We also discussed how School Councillors like to learn:

8 preferred a quiet classroom

1 preferred a classroom with more noise

3 preferred to work with a partner

10 preferred to work on their own

7 preferred lessons where you get to move around

2 preferred to stay at their own desk.

Learning attributes and animals suggested:

Use your imagination – hawk, parrot, leopard

Don’t rush – turtle

Think for yourself – cat, lion, monkey

Think about how you feel – cat, dog

Take pride in your learning – cat, dog

Listen – mouse

Don’t give up – horse, donkey, lion, tiger, bee

Be brave and get started – bull, elephant, jaguar, gorilla

Don’t say “I can’t do it” – bee

Work together – wolf, ant lion

Find the right challenge – giraffe, tiger

Ask questions – owl

Try new things – chameleon

Make links between things we’ve learned – spider

Mrs Abell is going to create grids for the next meeting so that School Council can choose the final 8 or 10. These can then be discussed by teachers/SLT – and finally by parents.