Rights Respecting School Council Minutes

15th February 2018

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Mrs Abell
Report on Anti-Bullying
What is bullying? How do we try to prevent it at Abbeyfield?

What more can we do?

All the children were very confident about explaining what bullying is (and also what it isn’t). They could all explain what they would do if they witnessed or experienced bullying.

The children said that as a school, we try and prevent bullying by having Anti-Bullying Week and also through Worry Boxes

We talked about what else we could do as a school to help prevent bullying. The children suggested

–       having posters up round school

–       having more Anti-Bullying Weeks – not just one a year

–       talking more in Class Assembly about how it feels to be bullied and how it might feel to be a bully

Has bullying improved?

When/were does it still happen?

All the children said that the amount of bullying had improved a lot and that they almost always feel happy and safe at playtimes/lunchtimes. They all agreed that there were no problems connected to mean behaviour in the toilets.

KS2 children said that when bullying/mean behaviour takes place, it is almost always behind the plant pots at the top of the KS2 yard or down by the fish gate, since they are easy places to not get noticed. KS2 children reported that “the MDSA near the fish gate never turns round.”

All children said that the most important thing to do to stop bullying was to make sure there are TAs near those spots so that they watch out for what is happening in those areas.

KS1 children reported that mean behaviour happens near the logs, where the adults can’t see easily.

How should teachers deal with bullying? We discussed how bullying should be dealt with

The children said:

–       The teacher should talk to the person being bullied and the person doing the bullying as well as any witnesses

–       The person doing the bullying should miss playtime/lunchtime (Children said that sometimes the person reporting the bullying gets called “crybaby” or told “snitches get stitches” so the teacher should check this isn’t happening)

–       If the bullying/mean behaviour continues, Mrs Best or Mrs Croud should get involved

–       The person doing the bullying should be taken off the yard and Mrs Best/Mrs Croud should talk to their parents

–       The bully shouldn’t be told to say “sorry” – the children feels this doesn’t ever work. It doesn’t stop the bully – it just makes them cross

How can we make playtimes and lunchtimes even better? All children felt that breaktimes/lunchtimes are better when there is more equipment to play with because then people don’t argue. They also think that mean behaviour can sometimes happen when people are bored or arguing over equipment.

KS2 think it would help if the equipment is brought out every breaktime

They also think to have more/different equipment at breaktimes – such as more ropes/mini-stilts/ a chalkboard up on the wall/Frisbee.

KS2 children want to be able to take their notebooks/cards/pencil cases from home out on the yard – most TAs/MDSAs let you but some say no. KS2 children felt strongly that we should work towards getting a quiet/creative area with a shade/rain protector so that children could draw or read if they wanted to.

KS1 would like more hoops, because people argue about them