Rights Respecting School Council Minutes

12th October 2017

Present: Mrs Abell, Tara, Richelle, Ibraheim, Raya, Bushra, Eesa, Amewn, Ameera, Inaaya, Nawas

RRS Council discussed Anti-bullying Week, which is from 12th November to 16th November.

Council members decided that they wanted to create a positive anti-bullying week – not just telling people not to bully, but also doing things that will help our school to feel even more respectful.


We discussed the times and places when respect is sometimes not happening at the moment. All Councillors said that it was when adults weren’t around/weren’t looking and also when children make faces to try and upset other people without getting into trouble for talking.

So, our Abbeyfield messages for anti-bullying week are:

Choose Respect

Respect – it matters even when no-one is watching

Respect – it’s not just about words

1)     Poster competition Actions
 RRS All classes will be asked to spend at least one class assembly in the first week back creating anti-bullying posters around the theme of respect. RRS would like children to work in groups to do these, as this will help promote children working together, sharing and showing respect to either people’s ideas. Groups can make these posters A3 or A4. They then need to decide as a class on up to three posters to put forward for the competition.

RRS Councillors from Year 6 will come round and collect three posters per class at the end of the day on Wednesday 7th November.

RRS Council will then pick one winner from Y5 and 6, one from Y3 and 4 and one from Y1 and 2. These posters will be photocopied and put up around school for anti-bullying week.

RRS Council would like the prize for the three winning classes to be a £5 voucher and sweets, just like the attendance award. Mrs Abell will check that with Mrs Best

2)     Odd Socks Day  
 odd socks As part of the national Anti-bullying week, we would like all children and staff in school to wear odd socks on Monday 12th November. This won’t be a fund raising day (since Children in Need is on Friday) but just a chance for us to all do something together as a school. We will aim to take some “odd sock” photos for the website
3)     Anti-bullying week assembly  
  RRS Council think there should be a special assembly to launch the week, at 9:00 on Monday 12th November (one for KS1, one for KS2)

RRS Council will put together a presentation for the assembly and we will also use resources from the anti-bullying alliance.

We will introduce our key messages for the week:

Choose Respect

Respect – it matters even when no-one is watching

Respect – it’s not just about words

4)    Friday assembly – change of certificates  
change RRS Council think that in anti-bullying week, instead of Star and Learner, the certificates in Friday assembly should be for Kindness Class Champion and Respect Class Champion. There could be more than one per class given out.
5)    Respect Envelope
  As part of our aim to make anti-bullying week positive, RRS Council would like all classes to create Respect Envelopes during the week.

In KS2, each child will need a small piece of paper for everyone in their class (including adults) that says “I respect you because____” Mrs Abell will put a template on the system. Each child will then write down a respect reason for every person in their class. Eg because you are good at Maths, because you don’t get angry, because you are a good singer, because you have a nice smile etc

NB If it is easier, teachers can use one piece of A4 paper for each child and pass all the pieces of paper around the room so every child write on one, then passes it on and gets the next one.

The teacher will have a quick look to make sure everyone has written a friendly thing. The respect papers (or sheets) are then sent home with the child on Friday for them to read and to cheer them up in the future.

Mrs Abell will talk to Mrs G about how to adapt this for KS1.

6)    Worry Box
 worry box During anti-bullying week, RRS Councillors will remind their own class about the worry boxes – where they are, how to find the slips and how to use them.