Rights Respecting School Council Minutes

12th October 2017

Garnet Z A Topaz Z A
Onyx Ruby D B
Peridot M M Emerald R B
Tanzanite A B Diamond A K
Amethyst S K Sapphire U K
Quartz R I Amber B R
Mrs Abell Jet I A
1)     Rights Respecting School classrooms Actions
  All children reported that their class had created their own class charter together and that this was displayed in their classroom (I A from Jet just need to check that theirs is on display). Ismael is going to check that Jet’s charter is on display
 image1 Some children said that they did have a rights display/poster in their classroom; some needed to check. All RRS councillors are going to check whether they have a Rights display/poster in their classroom and report back at the next meeting
2)     Rights Respecting School councillors discussed creating a new Abbeyfield school charter. Actions
image2 Abbeyfield needs to develop a new school charter. Our charter will show what we value and how we behave at Abbeyfield. We are going to base our charter on the United Nations Charter of Children’s Rights, because we are working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School.

Rights Respecting Councillors discussed a list of rights and then voted to decide on the most important rights that they thought should be in the charter.

Councillors though that the charter should start with a statement:

At Abbeyfield we learn to respect each other and to live peacefully

They thought there should be 5 rights in the charter

We have the right to learn

We have the right to feel safe

We have the right to have our voice heard

We have the right to a clean and safe environment

We have the right to be ourselves, with our own friends, beliefs and opinions

Councillors are going to take this list back to their classes and get feedback and ideas from the other children.

Mrs Abell will discuss these ideas with SLT

At the next meeting, RRS Council will agree a final list and then start working on deciding the responsibilities that will go with these rights to create the charter.

3)     Rights Respecting School councillors discussed worry boxes. Actions
 image3 Some classes said they currently have a worry box and that it is in good condition so it could be kept.

Others said they need a new one, but that it needs to be really strong.

All the Rights Respecting Councillors said that they thought that worry boxes should be put somewhere more central instead of in classrooms.

The children said that it would be easier to put worries in privately and also easier for prefects to collect worries more often if there weren’t as many boxes to get round. They thought that the worries could be collected on Wednesday and Friday if there were only three boxes.

They also said that if there were only three boxes, it wouldn’t be too expensive to get proper solid boxes with a lock or code so that no-one would be able to take out the worries before they were collected. They felt that slips should be available near the boxes and also in classrooms.

After a vote of all the places suggested, the children’s preference was that there should be one each in the KS1 hall, one in the KS2 hall and one in the office.

Mrs Abell took this suggestion to Mrs Best and Mrs Croud.

Mrs Best and Mrs Croud are looking in to how much it would cost to buy metal lockable boxes.

Mrs Best has suggested that instead of the KS2 hall, the worry box is put near the First Aid post, since all the children walk past there when they go to the canteen.

4)    Finally, School Council discussed any other business Actions
 image4 RRS council also wanted discuss having access to water at lunchtimes – as once they have left the dining hall, they can’t have a drink until the end of lunchtime. They wanted ask about either children being allowed to go to class to drink at lunchtime or putting in a water fountain. The council talked about how expensive a water fountain would be – and so how much fundraising would be needed.


Mrs Abell will take this suggestion to Mrs Best and Mrs Croud.