On Friday 18th November, a group of brave Year 6 Abbeyfield mathematicians took part in the Primary Maths Challenge. This is a national challenge, which is taken by schools from all over the country – and even abroad. It has 25 fiendishly difficult maths challenges, which are designed to test the children’s logical thinking and perseverance.

We were really impressed by the way that our Year 6 children stepped up to this challenge – they showed great persistence with the problems and focused extremely hard for the whole test.

Congratulations to our certificate winners, who achieved the top scores on the challenge:

Gold Certificate: Hafeez

Silver Certificate: Sabbah, Aadam A, Farton

Bronze Certificate: Aliyah A, Rumaysa, Aneesah, Lamees

And well done to all the other challenge takers:
Muse J, Muhammed J, Sabbah, Saba A, Hafsa A, Aaleyah K, Muthezar Z, Atiya B, Aleena M, Muhammad M, Adam H, Zobia I, Junaiha K, Haaris T, Laraib Z, Zara A, Mahdiyah R

Maths Challenge