Parents Council


Improved communications between the school and parents…

More information on what your child is doing in class and how you can support them…

  • Want to find out more about what goes on in school?
  • Want to get together with other parents?
  • Want to talk about the things that matter to you?
  • Have a say in your child’s education
  • Make a difference

Following on from the last Parent’s Council meeting Mrs Best (Principal) would love the opportunity to meet with parents and agree the business plan for the rest of the year.

Come and help support the group by parents for parents

 Informal chat, group discussion, refreshments, and translator

 Remember, the Parents’ Council is your line of communication with the school

H Best                                                                          Joel Hardwick

Principal                                                                      Chair of Govenors


Meeting Notes

December 2017

January 2017