Monday 12th June, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Parental Questionnaire Feedback

During the spring term we circulated a parental questionnaire to find out your thoughts about the school. Thank you to everyone who completed one and for your thoughts about the school.


Questions Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Yes No
My child is happy at this school 31% 53% 6% 3%    
My child feels safe at this school 44% 47% 0% 3%    
My child makes good progress at this school 34% 38% 16% 0%    
I understand what good progress looks like 45% 38% 9% 0%    
My child is well looked after at this school 31% 50% 9% 3%    
My child is well taught at this school 28% 56% 9% 0%    
My child receives good quality homework for their age / ability 19% 53% 19% 3%    
I / my child struggles with homework 6% 41% 31% 9%    
This schools the pupils are well behaved 22% 63% 3% 3%    
The school deals effectively with bullying 25% 50% 6% 3%    
The school is well led and managed 38% 53% 3% 0%    
The school responds well to any concerns I raise 25% 50% 3% 0%    
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 31% 50% 13% 0%    
Abbeyfield Academy is well thought of in the community 25% 38% 3% 0%    
I would recommend this school to another parent         75% 6%

The additional comments made on the questionnaire were very useful and the Academy is working particularly hard to secure good teachers in all classes and understand parents concern about the use of supply teachers.

We are pleased to hear that, most children feel safe in school and that you feel we are responding well to your concerns.

The main areas that the academy will be working on addressing are:

  • To ensure that homework is age appropriate and marked consistently.
  • To reduce the cost of trips and to make this more manageable for parents.
  • To continue to address any bullying issues that are raised by children and parents so that children feel safe and happy at the school.
  • To ensure parents and children understand their targets and the progress they are making.

If you have any further comments or concerns that you would like to raise please do come see Mrs Best or Mrs Croud so that we can address them.

Yours sincerely

Mrs H Best