National Coal Mining Museum – Wakefield

On Thursday 18th May, Year 6 went to the National Coal Mining museum in Wakefield.

“I really enjoyed myself on the trip. My favourite part of the day was when we went on the Underground Tour. Our tour guide, Richard Teasdale (also known as Rich Tea), told us that when he was 16 years old, he worked as a miner. He also mentioned that his whole family, except his son, worked in the mining industry. It took us 2 minutes to go 140m underground and it was really dark! We spent 1 hour and 45 minutes with only torches and a hard helmet. I was surprised to learn how loud it would have been for the miners underground; most of the miners had to use sign language and lip reading to communicate because of the noise!”

Carter Winston

“The trip to the National Coal Mining museum was definitely my favourite trip of Year 6. I was really excited to get started especially when Mr Hope told us we would be the first group to go underground. When I realised how deep the mine was, I was scared. Our tour guide, Paul, told us that we would have to lower ourselves into the mine using a rope carrying each other down! He tricked us all! Luckily, we used a lift but it was getting darker and darker the further we went down. Although my favourite part was the Underground Tour, it was really useful to learn about people during the 1840s. I was shocked to learn about how they washed people clothes back then- they didn’t have washing machines like we do now! Overall, I had an amazing day and would go again with my friends!”

Haaris Talib

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