Dear Parents and Carers,

 KS1 Morning Routine

Following feedback from parents at our Parent Coffee Morning yesterday, we have made some changes to the morning routine in KS1 to support parents and make it easier to drop off children, especially for parents who have children in more than one building.

There will now be a member of staff who will open the KS1 door at 8:20am and will supervise this door until it is closed at 8:35am

For the safety of the children, we need to close the external gate promptly so the FS2 gate will be closed by 8:40 am each morning. If you arrive at school after that time, you will need to enter through the fish gate and go up to the office to register your child.

We would be grateful if parents could leave the KS1 building promptly at 8:30am to help us get started with our learning on time.

If you are still in the KS1 building or playground after 8:40am, the FS2 gate will be closed and you won’t be able to leave school that way. However, you don’t need to worry about getting locked in school – you just will need to walk through the KS1 playground, down through the KS2 playground and leave school through the fish gate.

We hope that this change will make mornings better for parents and children, while still keeping all our children safe.

 Don’t forget, if you have any future questions or concerns about any aspect of school life please do come and see myself or Mrs Abell and we will do all we can to help.


KS1 morning routines