Dear Parent/Guardians

As from Monday 27th February 2017 Abbeyfield Primary Academy are making efficiency changes to the payment process of school lunches, milk and trips.  The changes entail:

  • All school lunches must be paid for in advance (Monday of every week, in the mobile unit between 8.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.)
  • No child should be sent to school with no money in their account and expect to be given a meal
  • Parents who don’t want their child to have a school lunch, should provide a healthy packed lunch or arrange to take them home for lunch
  • Menus can still be ordered on a daily basis
  • Receipts will be issued. If you would like a receipt sending via email, please provide the office with your email address
  • Current debts must be cleared before Friday 17th February 2017
  • Any debts incurred after will be chased by the Academy and legal action may be taken

Monies should be placed in a sealed envelope with the Childs name, class, amount being paid, and reason (lunch/milk/trip)


Name: Jane Smith

Class: Onyx

Reason: Lunch

Amount: £10.55


We hope that by implementing this efficiency we are able to help parents manage school dinner money better and at the same time ensure that all money that is for children’s learning is available.

Yours sincerely

Mrs H Best – Principal