GARNET – Year 1


In Garnet we have Mr Nunnington who is the teacher of the class and Miss Rainbow who is the Teaching Assistant.

In Year 1, our topic this half term is ‘Changes within living memory’. This is a history based topic covering houses. The topic will start by introducing a range of different types of houses that people live in. The features of houses in the past especially Victorian houses. We will have the opportunity to visit Abbey House Museum in Leeds to see a Victorian street and houses and all the different things they used in the past. Finally we will look at difference and similarities of houses today and houses in the past.

Our Science topic this half term will be ‘The Human body’. Children will learn about the different parts of the human body and what they are used for. During the science lessons children will develop their knowledge of the senses in the body and will look at why we need each sense and what body part is needed for the particular sense.

Garnet class have PE every Tuesday and Wednesday and all children need to bring their own PE kits (black shorts/leggings and a white T-shirt).

Finally, if you have any problems or there is anything we can help you with please feel free to come in and see me.


Click the link below to download a PDF of the curriculum booklet for the first half of this term.

Year 1 Curriculum Information For Parents and Carers for the 1st Half of the Autumn Term 2016.

Staff info

Mr J Nunnington – Teacher

Miss Rainbow – Teaching Assistant