Regarding recent events, Abbeyfield Primary Academy, on behalf of Five Rivers MAT, wish to make the following public statement to show our position:

We want, at this time, to say very clearly that we recognise our own responsibilities to demonstrate its importance in our organisation. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to educate ourselves and each other in the experiences of our BAME staff, children and families in relation to the day to day (direct or indirect; targeted or casual) racism, injustice and systemic discrimination which exists not only in America but in our own country and society.

We know that racism comes in many forms and can often be the result of an ill-judged comment or misinformed ignorance. In our trust we do not accept ignorance as an excuse for racism. Race equality is everyone’s business and we expect all staff to take the necessary steps to educate themselves on the Black Lives Matter movement and to consistently act in support of the trust in its efforts to eradicate ALL racism from our organisation. This includes supporting race equality both in work and in our personal lives.