Dear Parent/Carer,

On Thursday 14th October, we are celebrating Philosophy Day at Abbeyfield. Our theme for the day will be What Really Matters?

The children will be talking and thinking about what really matters to them. They will also be having some visitors to school, including a taxi driver, an Islamic scholar and a doctor, who will be visiting classes and talking about what really matters to them personally.

The children will also be learning about ancient philosophers, including Al-Ghazzali, Avicenna, Socrates and Hypatia, during the day.

In preparation for the day, it would be great if you could talk with your child about what really matters to them. They could also ask other members of their family, “What really matters to you?”

On Thursday 14th November, we would like to invite the children to bring in an object or picture that represents something that really matters to them. This could be a photo or a drawing they have made. However, please don’t send anything that is very precious, electronic or expensive into school to avoid anything getting lost or broken.

We look forward to sharing Philosophy Day with our Abbeyfield Community.

World Philosophy Day