Dear Parents and Carers,


At the moment, we have a very high number of children who are late to school. We have made some small changes to the morning systems for KS1 and KS2 to try and improve the number of children who are in their classroom and ready to start learning on time.


Our official start time at Abbeyfield is 8:30am. If you do not arrive by that time, your child is late.


Being late adds up to loss of learning. Being on time means not missing out.

5 minutes late every day adds up to 3 days lost each year


KS2 children

The fish gate in KS2 will be closed at 8:35am. After that time, you will need to buzz to be let in.

Until 8:40am, a learning mentor will be in the playground, taking your child’s name and lunch choice. This is so we can get children into class as fast as possible to start learning.

After 8:40am, you will need to take your child to the office to register them.


Please don’t go into the KS2 building with your child after 8:30am. For safe guarding reasons, all visitors during the school day need to have signed in at the office and be wearing a visitor’s badge. Also, due to our electronic door system, once the doors are closed, you will not be able to exit the KS2 building without the help of an adult and this disrupts our morning group learning. If you need to leave a message for your child’s teacher after 8:30, please talk to the learning mentor or go up to the school office.



KS1 children

The FS2 gate will be closed at 8:35 am. After that time, you will need to enter through the fish gate and go up to the office to register your child.


We would be grateful if parents could leave the KS1 building promptly at 8:30am to help us get started with our learning on time.

If you are still in the KS1 building after 8:35am, the FS2 gate will be closed and you won’t be able to leave school that way. You will need to walk through the KS1 playground, down through the KS2 playground and leave school through the fish gate.


We are grateful for your help and support with making sure all our children get the most out of their school day.


Best wishes

H Best



Late letter