Year 3 Topaz montage

TOPAZ – Year 4


In Topaz we have Ms Abell who is the teacher of the class and also a member of SLT and Mrs Latham is the Teaching assistant.

Topaz had made a brilliant start to Year 4 – Mrs Latham and Mrs Abell are both really proud of the way they have settled in to their new class. Our Anglo-Saxon topic is very exciting and we really enjoyed welcoming our Anglo-Saxon visitor to school. Sulayman looked very convincing dressed in a cloak and hood, Chloe made an excellent Anglo-Saxon girl and Bilal had the chance to find out just how heavy a ring-mail tunic feels!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon focus, we are reading Michael Morpurgo’s version of Beowulf, which has kept us all on the edge of our seats – especially as we always seem to get to a real cliffhanger just before the weekend.

In Science, we have just set up an experiment, testing a range of favourite drinks to find out which has the worst effect on our teeth. We have all made our own predictions – make sure you ask your child about the results.

In P4C, we have had some really good philosophical discussions about why people treat each other badly and whether everyone who has broken the law deserves to go to prison. We enjoyed the first non-uniform day mast week and we are now starting to think about other fundraising opportunities we can develop as a class.

Finally, if you have any issues or concerns please feel free to stop by and see me.





Click the link below to download a PDF of the curriculum booklet for the first half of this term.

Curriculum Information for Parents & Carers for the 1st Half of the Summer Term 2017

Staff info

Ms K Abell – Teacher

Ms O Latham – Teaching Assistant