School Meals, Snacks and Milk

Our contractor Mellors Catering has worked in partnership with pupils, parents and the community to develop a 3 week menu rota that meets the needs of the school community. The catering team have worked with the school to run meetings and workshops with parents and develop food that the children will not only enjoy but that meet the school nutritional standards as set out by the DCSF September 2009.

Our contractor:-

  • Provides healthy and nutritious food, that meets all associated legislation, to all users of the catering facilities, thus fostering the well being of all concerned.
  • Provides food that appeals to the tastes of the diverse ethnic mix of pupils, staff, parents and community.
  • Creates an enjoyable dining experience for pupils and staff that contribute to their education and social skills.
  • Provides catering that supports and encourages extended school activities. This includes a breakfast service and after school clubs and can also cover other activities by parents and the wider community both during and out of school hours as well as school holidays.

All food served in our school is Halal certified.

The school currently sub contracts the provision of school meals for our children to  Mellors Catering Ltd. They are contracted to provide a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal, providing vegetarian options and Halal meat, if requested.

We have offered Halal meat and poultry, as standard, through this service for a number of years in response to requests from parents. We currently follow the Sheffield City Council’s policy on Halal meat and poultry. This states that all Halal meat used in school meals must be pre-stunned before slaughter.

Our Halal certificates, plus details of our meat and poultry suppliers, are available should any parent wish for more information.

Please note that alongside our Halal meat and poultry dishes, we also offer a good variety of nutritional, hot vegetarian meals, jacket potatoes and sandwiches with meat free fillings.

Mellors have been  Awarded ‘Contract Cater of the Year 2017’

Menu November 2018

Click here to download the breakfast menu.


Spring Term Milk 2018 – The cost of Milk for the Summer term will be £9.72 per child. If your child would like milk in school next term the order must be returned to school with full payment by FRIDAY December 7th 2018

Children in KS1 –
As you know your child (as do ALL children in KS1) receives free school meals.
HOWEVER – this does not mean they will receive free milk. Milk has to be paid for; unless you have officially registered for free school meals for all your children (this means children that are older – maybe in other schools)

Click on the link below to print a milk letter.

KS1 Milk Letter

KS2 Milk Letter