Ramadan Club 2020

3D models

Follow the links below to download a number of 3D models you can create at home.

To make the stars and moon mobile you need to colour in each star and moon, cut them out and then tie them together with string. To make the Masjid follow the instructions to cut and stick.

Ramadan Club 2020


Acts of Kindness

Let your good deeds be like rain. Drop a little everywhere…………….
Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Not only is it the month where Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, and perform their obligatory prayers, but is also the month about patience, sympathy and love. It is a month that teaches kindness and most importantly forgiveness. This year more than ever it is time to show kindness to your loved ones. How many acts of kindness can you tick off?


Here we have some colouring sheets for you to print and complete. To print the image on a computer, right click and press print image. Please send us any photos of your completed pieces!