Pupil Premium Expenditure Report for Parents 2015/16

What is pupil premium?

The Pupil Premium Grant is given to Primary Schools to ‘narrow the gap’ between pupils eligible for free school meals, and their peers. The grant is used to financially support the school to close the gap in attainment. It is up to the school how it spends this money but it must be able to demonstrate that the money spent has had an impact on narrowing the attainment gap.

The grant is used to support and enhance the provision which is already funded through the main budget for all our pupils.

How much money did we receive in 2015/16?

In 2015/16 the school received £202,000 in pupil premium income.

This is based on 153 children being eligible for pupil premium (No looked after children) at a rate of £1320 per child.

What did we spend it on?

Our focus for pupil premium expenditure last year was to:

  • Improve attendance across the whole school
  • Continue the After School Club provision
  • Provide more before and after school booster clubs for all children at risk of falling behind.
  • Invest in additional resources to improve phonics
  • Subsidise school trips, uniform and music lessons for eligible children in situations where the parent is not able to contribute
  • Promote parental engagement
  • Put in place targeted interventions to support PP children with SEND
  • Provide 1:1 mentoring provided to PP children who require it.

How did this expenditure help us close the attainment gap?

Our strategies in 2015/16 helped us to close the attainment gap in many subject areas such as Level 5 reading (gap narrowed by 11%), Level 4 grammar (gap narrowed by 7%), Level 4 writing (gap narrowed by 20%), Level 4 maths (gap narrowed by 2%), Level 4 reading, writing and maths combined (gap narrowed by 1%) and two levels progress in writing (gap narrowed by 12%).

What more do we need to do in 2016/2017 to narrow the gap even further?

Following the Government’s decision to remove levels and change the content of the National Curriculum we now need to look at the number of children reaching or exceeding age related expectations.

Based on this year’s cohort our priorities are:

  • To develop the role of the inclusion leader with regards to pupil premium and to enable her to strategically lead on this aspect of her role
  • To ensure that policies and procedures for Pupil Premium are in place and meet requirements
  • To ensure that the progress of pupil premium children is a high priority for SLT, staff and parents
  • To improve attainment of pupil premium children in reading
  • To improve attainment of pupil premium children in numeracy
  • To improve attainment of pupil premium children in writing
  • To target and support children with behavioural complexities, low self-esteem and social / emotional needs
  • To ensure that Governors have a clear understanding of the needs of pupil premium children and how pupil premium grant is spent to support children
  • To ensure pupil premium children receive quality feedback (following effective teacher assessment) to support their onward learning journey
  • To improve the attendance of all pupils

For more information about how we use our pupil premium allocation please contact the office (0114 2420109).

You can also download our Pupil Premium Policy here & MAT Pupil Premium Policy