How Well The School Does


As Abbeyfield Primary Academy is a new school there are no live Ofsted reports associated with the school.

Key Stage 2 Results

Below are our KS2 results. You can see the full performance tables for our school by clicking here.

KS2 SATs data 2017

There were 57 children in the cohort and 7 children have been disapplied.

At Standard:

% with disapplied removed Sheffield National
Reading         62% 68% 71%
Writing           72% 76% 76%
Maths           72% 73% 75%
SPAG          68% 74% 77%
Combined           62% 60%




Greater Depth

% with disapplied removed National (2016)
Reading 12% 19%
Writing 16% 15%
Maths 14% 17%
SPAG 32% 23%


The combined result has doubled compared with 2016. The results from locality also show that Abbeyfield had the 4th highest combined score out of 13 schools.



KS1 results 2017


There were 56 children in the cohort. Eight children entered the school after year 1 with little or no English.

At Standard:

Reading 65.5%

Writing 57%

Maths 57%


Year 1 Phonics Screening Results 2017

Total passed Total passed with disapplications removed % passed
TOTAL Cohort 58 Children 32 of 58     55% 32 of 52  





(2016 pass: 43.9% of 58 children)


FS2 GLD Results

Data is based on 56 children

66% achieved GLD at the end of FS2

Four children arrived in F2 with little or no English:

With New Arrival children removed (4 children) 69% achieved GLD at the end of FS2

To be assessed as GLD (Good Level of Development) at the end of the year children need to have achieved ELG or above in the Prime Areas (Communication and Language development, physical development and Personal and Emotional Development) along with the specific areas of Reading, Writing, Numbers and Shape, space and measures.