Classes Overview

Below you can see a list of all classes, the relevant year groups and also the teachers.

CLASS NAME (click to visit class page)YEARTEACHER/STAFF
MoonstonesFS1 - NurseryMs E Hanson - Teacher,
Mrs T Gelsthorpe - Learning Support
JadeFS2 - ReceptionMrs J Clark - Teacher,
Mrs Khan - Learning Support
JasperFS2 - ReceptionMrs R Maughan - Teacher,
Mrs N Iqbal - Learning Support
GarnetYear 1Miss S Girard & Mrs K Hussain - Teachers,
Mrs S Shaw- Learning Support
OnyxYear 1Miss J Hole - Teachers,
Mrs Y Ali - Learning Support
PeridotYear 2Miss A Heverin - Teacher,
Miss N Rainbow - Learning Support
TanzaniteYear 2Mr J Nunnington- Teacher,
Mrs N Usman - Learning Support
AmethystYear 3Miss R Hoare - Teacher,
Mrs J West - Learning Support
QuartzYear 3Mr R Cooper - Teacher,
Miss C Derbyshire - learning Support
EmeraldYear 4Mr M Gul -Teacher,
Mrs J West - Learning Support
TopazYear 4Mrs L Mills -Teacher,
RubyYear 5Mrs J Richardson -Teacher,
SapphireYear 5Mr W Carlisle - Teacher,
Miss I Naseem- Learning Support
DiamondYear 6Mrs R Remia - Teacher,
Mrs N Khan -Learning Support
JetYear 6Miss A Eastwood - Teacher,
Mr G Birks- Learning Support
AmberYear 6Miss C Walker - Teacher,
Miss L Cropper- Learning Support
INAMrs K Hussain - Teacher,
Ms A Farrah - Learning Support