Calendar and Useful Dates

The calendar can be viewed in various formats by clicking on the agenda tab above the right corner. A list of useful dates such as school holidays can be below found in the “School Holidays – quick reference” section along with a link to a PDF of the school holiday calendar for 2016-17.

School Holidays – quick reference

A PDF containing the full list of dates for 2017-18 can be downloaded here.

Autumn Term 2017

  • 4th September: First day of term.
  • 29th September: School closed. Teacher training.
  • 30th October to 3rd November: Autumn Half Term. School reopens on Monday 6th November.
  • 1st December: School closed. Teacher training.
  • 22nd December 2017 – 5th January 2018: Christmas Holidays. School reopens on Monday 8th January 2018.

Spring Term 2018

  • 8th January: School reopens.
  • 2nd February: School closed. Teacher training.
  • 19th – 23rd February: Spring Half term. School reopens on Monday 26th.
  • 23rd March: School Closed. Teacher training.
  • 30th March to 13th April: Easter Holiday. School reopens on Monday 16th April.

Summer Term 2018

  • 7th May: School closed for Bank Holiday
  • 25th May: School closed. Teacher training.
  • 28th May – 1st June: Summer Half Term. School reopens on Monday 4th June.
  • 15th June: School Closed.  Teacher training.
  • 26th July – August 31st: Summer Holiday. School reopens on  September but please note that this might change once the Teacher Training days are finalised for the 2017 – 2018 year. Information will be made available in the final term.

A jpeg of the calendar can be seen here.

A PDF of the calendar can be downloaded here.